Experts in Downtown Revitalization, Economic Development, Strategic Marketing & Communication Plans.
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The Community of Excellence program was founded by former Governor Jim Hunt in the early 1980’s, later directed by Gary Shope. Traveling the State, meeting with rural town and county leaders, the goal was to help prepare communities of 15,000 or less for economic development.  Great concept but the State’s program lacked the “teeth” and “staying power” to provide strategic implementation plans over the years.


To this day, as you travel through the State you still see signs proudly welcoming you to a “Community of Excellence”. Slowly the decline/out migration of these communities have left some small towns struggling making it difficult to recruit small businesses, industry, healthcare & education. This is where we step in with a process that engages, produces, and implements a plan – specifically designed for your “community of excellence”.

Our Core Services

Economic Development & Downtown Revitalization: 

We offer substantive plans that create “metrics for success.” We navigate this process along with economic development plans that can be implemented over the long haul. The same can be said for downtown revitalizations, such as “re-purposing” an empty building and creating thoughtful strategic marketing and communication plans to demonstrate success.


We are the team to re-invigorate downtown revitalization by “leveraging proximity” to larger towns that are showing success. As an example, Research Triangle Park spawned growth in nearby communities in the triangle region as these towns “leveraged proximity” to RTP. This same formula can be implemented in your community. Success creates job opportunities for residents living in outlying communities – aka the “ripple” effect.

Marketing and Communications Strategy: 

What do YOU think when you hear this term? “Oh that’s just PR or how is THAT supposed to help us get to our goal” – whatever that goal may be. Let’s look at the definition of strategy:


Strategy strat·e·gy/ˈstradəjē/ noun

a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim.

“time to develop a coherent economic strategy”


We happen to have a few solid reasons of what a kick-ass marketing & communications strategy will do FOR your goal.


We work with you to develop the right strategy for your goal(s). Those steps include: research & assessment, revitalization market analysis, visioning & branding assessment, branding survey, workshops, implementation & action plan. We break these out into three (3) phases, to make it more manageable AND affordable for the client.


Let me just say this about that: you won’t find another team that knows more about what actually goes into an event – regardless of the size or what the event is about. Events are not just about tenting, food, flowers, and invitations. Events involve logistics, management, creativity, design, marketing & strategic planning. Events allow you to showcase and/or enhance your brand, your image, your purpose, and your goal. Let me ask you a question: why would you spend all that money on an event and NOT think about your brand, image, purpose, or your goal? Events are more than “a party” – they are part of your communications strategy. If they’re not or haven’t been – give us a chance and we’ll show you how it’s done.

Turnkey Management:

We don’t go through all of this and simply walk away. You can’t get rid of us that easy! By this point we’ve become a part of your team. We implement your plan with you. If you don’t implement, what’s the point of going through all the motions? Implementation is one of the most crucial elements of downtown revitalization.


Our turnkey management handles everything for our clients. With 35+ years of economic development experience, 27 years of marketing & communications strategy and 25  years of events, we’re pretty dang detailed in all aspects. That’s because we’ve been doing this for 85+ combined YEARS!!!


Now that you know a little about us – let us learn more about you and how we can make your goals attainable.


Curious about the details? Give us a call. We’d love to hear from you!

Other Services Include

Economic Development

  • Building Alliances
  • Community College/University Connectivity
  • Downtown Revitalization
  • Entrepreneurial Development Programs
  • Healthcare
  • International Business Recruitment
  • Tax Incentive Negotiations
  • Workforce Development

Marketing & Communications

  • Branding & Corporate Identity
  • Marketing Strategy & Planning
  • Creative Strategy, Design & Writing
  • Website Strategy & Design
  • Marketing Automation Programs
  • Social Media Strategy & Implementation
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising and Media
  • Direct Marketing – Print & Digital
  • Blogging & Communications
  • Research & Assessment
  • Revitalization Market Analysis
  • Visioning & Branding Assessment
  • Branding Survey & Workshops
  • Implementation & Action Plan


  • Strategies: Planning, Creative Design, Marketing, PR, Social Media
  • Management: Client Meetings, Contractors, Logistics, Venues
  • Program: Script Writing
  • Themes: Invitations, Décor