The Lamb Pickin
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The Lamb Pickin

The Lamb Pickin

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day Four – The Lamb Pickin’

Gary was invited to a dinner honoring one of the executives that was responsible for the position that Gary now holds.  At the dinner they sit on the floor but didn’t eat off of plastic (that occured at another dinner a few months back).  Each group – about 6 per “table” sat on the floor around a table top (on the floor) about 5′-6′ in length.  A cooked lamb was placed on each table – head to tail, literally. There were probably 8 tables total.  The server came by each table and removed the head and then everyone “dug” in with their hands and began eating.  Gary said he didn’t really eat all that much – I would have passed out & I have a pretty tough stomach.  This is one of the times I’m glad women were not invited.  Don’t know that I could have done that but when you’re in Rome do as the Romans do or so they say.
The reception prior to The Lamb Pickin’ was basically the same as what I experienced on Monday evening – sweets, stuffed grape leaves, small sandwiches, Cardamom coffee, hot tea, more sweets and coffee.
Wednesday morning I was able to watch the CBS Evening News – you all paying attention?? I said Wednesday MORNING I was watching the EVENING news – (Tuesday night news).  All of the TV programs that we enjoy watching are from last season.  Still haven’t figured this one out – control maybe??
We were invited to dinner at the home of Mez and his wife, Donna and their 5 daughters. Donna is an American so the girls have had a taste of the US when they travel to visit her family.  They live on the University compound.  Mez is a professor at King Saud University.  These young ladies all speak at least 2 languages, some of them 3 – they include Arabic, English and Russian. One of the advantages of growing up in Saudi is that it’s SO international. Their 3rd daughter’s best friend is Russian.  Her Russian friend could speak no English when she arrive in SA.  So the girls taught each other their language.
However, the things that these girls have either never experienced or very limited access to is a concert, going to the movies, seeing a Broadway show, going to basketball games.  They all love basketball games! The museums they have visited are all in other places – Washington, DC, Paris, Germany, etc.  At least they have the opportunity to visit & see other fascinating places. With that said if you travel by air – well the airport experience is like a Saturday Night Live skit – I kid you not. Checking in is total chaos!
Their oldest daughter wants to be a Vet but there are no vet schools here for her to attend.  The school they attend is segregated. The 3rd daughter, a 7th grader, has a total of 38 girls in her class – she has no idea how many boys are at the school. I asked her if they have graduation from high school and if they did would they have a ceremony together.  She said she really didn’t know but more than likely no.
You can look at their lives as the glass half full or half empty for these girls – but how many of us can say that we speak 3 languages (not taught in our schools) and have traveled to several parts of the world at such young ages? This family has been delightful to get to know and now we can say we have friends in Saudi Arabia!
Wednesday is our Friday.  Gary goes back to work on Saturday – Wednesday.
Tune in for more and…
Enjoy your day!
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